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I’ve never used a staffing service before, what are the benefits?
  • ESA partners with the leading employers across Arkansas, allowing us to hire for positions that are often unadvertised and unavailable through other mediums. Our partnerships also allow ESA the ability to offer you positions that best match your skills and interests resulting in long term career opportunities.

How do I register and apply for a job through ESA?
  • Simply visit Get Started and it will allow you to register with ESA or you can explore a variety career opportunities by visiting the ESA Job Board.

What kind of jobs do you offer?
  • ESA places qualified individuals into a wide range of jobs, ranging from Office/Administrative to a wide range of light industrial positions.

I have submitted an online application but haven’t been contacted, what should I do?
  • Our team works hard to promptly respond to every applicant.  If you have not been contacted within five business days of submitting an application, please Contact Us and we will provide assistance.

What should I do if I’m going to be absent from or late to work?
  • If you are going to be absent or late, you must contact your local ESA office and your onsite supervisor before the start of your shift. If outside of business hours, leave an after-hours message.  Failure to notify ESA and your onsite supervisor of absenteeism or tardiness before the start of your shift may lead to your dismissal from that assignment and may make you ineligible for future employment with ESA. ESA reserves the right to reduce pay-rates to minimum wage that are quit without notice and/or performed in an unprofessional manor.

Will I be charged a fee for finding me a job?
  • No, ESA does not charge employment fees.  All employment fees are paid by clients.

How do I submit my hours worked?
  • ESA will review your time submission process during your pre-employment orientation. It is important that you follow the time keeping and submission process at all times.  If you have questions or ever need assistance, please Contact Us as soon as possible.

When and how do I receive my payroll check each pay period?
  • Employees are paid either by a pay card or through bank direct deposit.  Paychecks are deposited at 12:00 noon each Friday.

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