Job Seekers: How To Get Started

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To get access to diverse jobs with top employers in Arkansas, many of which are not advertised to the public, follow our simple process.

  1. Complete an online ESA application.
    First step, register with ESA by completing an online application here. Please keep your username and password, you will need them to apply for additional jobs in the future and access your ESA portal.  Once your application is submitted, ESA will review your submission to learn about your interests/skills and verify your work history.
  2. Interview
    After application review, ESA conducts a telephone interview to confirm your application data, review your skills/interests and discuss current positions. If an in-person interview is required, ESA will review the details and schedule you for an interview.
  3. Pre-employment Screening
    Before extending a job offer, ESA will verify your eligibility to work in the U.S., confirm your prior work history and conduct a criminal background check.
  4. New Job Offer
    Once the above steps are successfully completed, ESA can offer you positions.  When considering potential job offers, ESA will consider your skills, interests, salary requirements, prior employment references, commuting preferences, background check results and client hiring guidelines.  Once you accept a new position, a pre-employment drug screen will be scheduled.